• Criminal Justice is What Anthony Domish is Passionate About, to be Sure

  • Posted on January 17, 2019
  • Throughout his substantial quarter-century career, Anthony Domish has seen a lot of activity dealing with the law enforcement community all over his home state of Washington. He is a trusted advisor to police and sheriffs departments. Whereas he has plenty of both education and training, there is more to Tony Domish than his ability to take instruction. He puts everything he has ever learned to good use, and he has learned a lot from his long career as a police officer in several jurisdictions ion Washington.

    In fact, Anthony Domish rose to the level of police chief in several of them, primarily based on his prowess in implementing community policing. He is now considered to be something of an industry expert in that area, as well as in emergency management and identity theft. Tony Domish holds professional memberships in several groups related to law enforcement and criminal justice, including the International Association of Police Chiefs and the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs. In his free time, Tony enjoys both baseball and fishing. He coaches and umpires youth baseball, and he fishes all over the state of Washington, although he considers himself an expert on fishing Lake Curlew in Republic, Washington.

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